Every Saint has a Past; Every Sinner has a Future.

Oscar Wilde

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an active imagination and relished telling stories that captivated anybody who would listen. Despite my best intentions at Colgate University, my future in the field of medicine was curtailed by my inability to pass Introductory Chemistry. Conversely, any classes that required written papers were a breeze. The seed had been sown.

Throughout my career in finance I found I enjoyed writing sarcastic takes on the industry and its players, rather than slumber inducing investment reports. As a frequent guest lecturer, I brought many of these stories to life and thrived on the energy of a live audience.

I have been both a hero and a villain: The same week my search and rescue gear went on display at the 9/11 Memorial Museum as a first responder, I was sentenced to a federal correctional institution for a white collar crime thanks to some exceedingly poor judgement.

While incarcerated, I established and taught a creative writing program for my fellow inmates; the program continues to thrive today. Many of them had stories trapped inside that they never knew how to put on paper. Once they did, often the pain, humiliation, and anger that plagued them, dissipated.

I firmly believe that we are neither the sum of our greatest successes, nor the product of our worst failures. I embrace the power of the written word and its ability to lead me to a path of redemption

I currently reside deep in the woods of Connecticut, where I remain a dedicated father, former felon, and a Phoenix rising.

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